Monday, January 5, 2015

1/5 - Worth the Chase

Everything is fine this here in Honduras. The teaching here in Bendeck was a little slow at first, but now it seems to be picking up. We just had another lesson with an investigator. She has been dodging us and trying to make up excuses for different things for our appointments with her. But finally this last visit with her we taught her a lesson. Or rather we had a conversation with the spirit with her. It went incredibly well. She was interacting with us and answering our questions. At the end she started to cry a little bit after the prayer. That was a lesson that I really felt the spirit. It just goes to show it is worth all of the chasing and effort to finally make a solid appointment with someone. Because that someone is a child of God and is waiting for a message to change their heart and come closer to God. 
nos vemos,

-Elder Keller

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