Monday, September 8, 2014

9/8/2014 La Ceiba, Honduras - Math, Dodgeball & Iguanas

This past Sunday was my first fast Sunday in the field. I started right after lunch on Saturday and I fasted until lunch on Sunday. I was able to endure to the end and all is good. I don't know if it is just me or not but it seems that whatever food I eat after fasting is always 10x better. For lunch a member made Chinese for us. So that tasted a lot different than I was accustomed to the last several weeks. But it was really good, and she made a lot of it, so we were able to stuff ourselves full.

Every Sunday so far we are able to bring at least one investigator to church. This week we hoped a family, the Herandez family, that we have been teaching would come. Sacrament meeting already started and everyone was singing the opening hymn, and I look at Elder Itza and was like, where is everyone? Then the Herandez family came around the corner and we leapt for joy! The other night with this same family, I attempted to help their son with his math homework. But the thing is I dont know the vocabulary for this situtation and his math book was all in English! That was good for me but through a painful 15 minutes of broken Spanish and much paper, I think I helped him...I am still not sure. But todo bien, Elder Itza showed them a few karate moves because the son is also taking some karate classes. So I now know some moves, cuidado Honduras, cuidado!

So when Elder Itza and I are contacting one of four things happen:
1. They listen to us and accept a folleto
2. They answer the door and tell us to come back another dia
3. They answer the door but they send one of their children to talk to us
4. they ignore us or we see the door slowly close

Actually this one time we were going to pay a surprise visit to an investigator who has been kinda dodging us lately. We were about 30 or so feet from her house when we saw another investigator, across the street, and we said hi. And when we came to her house, all I saw was a rocking chair moving rapidly. My companion said he saw her ( since he was a little ahead of me) bolt into her house. I thought that was more funny than anything. Of course I was disappointed but I still chuckle a bit when I think about that.

For the most part our area is going strong. Considering we are opening a brand new area, we are making a lot of headway. We have a lot of investigators and some that are on the brink of baptism.

One last thing is that you have got to watch out for the Iguanas here. We have one that keeps getting in our apartment. We taped this big hole up, but it keeps breaking through, it's crazy. So we stuck some rocks in the hole taped it up more, we will see what happens know. 

I love you all and always remember who you are and Choose The Right.

-Elder Keller

9/1/2014 La Ceiba, Honduras - Snakes & Blessings

My Second week in Honduras and I am doing all right!

So far I have run into to a couple of snakes, vicious goats and really aggressive dogs (and chickens). 

My companion and I were visiting a member and Elder Itza was looking in their washing machine, full of clothes (So real quick, everyone here as only a washing machine for their clothes. They hang dry it afterwards) and I thought I saw something orange. So I picked up the lid again, thinking it was a caterpillar or some kind of bug, then I realized it was a snake! So I calmly put stepped back...just kidding, I gave a yep and jumped back. And Elder Itza was looking at me weird. So I tried to explain that there was a snake in there using body language and examples of sounds (since I didn’t know the word for snake). Long story short, there really was a snake and the member's neighbor took care of it for us. The Sister was really grateful that I saw that because she was going to finish the laundry that night and she wouldn’t have seen it. That could have led to a very serious situation because of the poisonous snake.

Was it a coincidence that we stopped by her house and I just happened to see that snake? I honestly don’t think so and that family was blessed with health and safety because of it. After that whole snake ordeal we shared with them our message. I shared with them Helaman 5:12 and explained that I know that with Jesus Christ as our foundation, having faith in Him, we will never fail. We will always, always overcome our own trials in life and whatever Satan throws at us. We will not falter. For instance, the snake; they were not harmed and their family was blessed. I know that God works through us to bring to pass the salvation of His children, for we are the instruments of God. 

It is starting into the rainy season here and we experienced a little taste of it this past couple of days. First off when it rains you have about a 20 second warning. So we were going to by some water from a local pulperia and my companion looks at me says, what is that? I didn’t notice anything but then I heard a soft pounding noise. It sounded just like a car on the dirt road but a little ways off. Then I looked at my companion and he had the same thought and we booked it back to our apartment. We would’ve have made it inside without getting wet it were not for the fact that we have like 20 locks on our door. So needless to say we got a little wet...

Alright, also when it rains it pours like now other. So a great investment is an umbrella and good pair of boots that are about to the mid-calf. I have an umbrella, but boots down here are super cheap so that’s not a problem.

Now being in Honduras for two weeks, the weather is not that bad. The freezing cold shower in the morning really wakes you up and feels kind of refreshing.

But it’s a really great place. we have gotten quite a few investigators. Some are progressing so that is really cool. In lessons I am starting to talk more and more as I get comfortable with this language that they call Spanish. It’s still really hard for me to understand what everyone is saying. Some words I can catch like, gringo, Americano, Washington DC, no habla español. Stuff like that.

Well I know that I am here for a reason and that I was called here to Honduras through divine revelation of God through His prophets and apostles today.

Take care and buenas.

-Elder Keller

A bridge cars cross everyday

A river right near my apartment

Coast off of La Ceiba

Me and Elder Itza

Real Fresh Sugar Cane!

Look what I found in the shower!