Thursday, November 20, 2014

11/10 - Christ is our foundation

¿Qué pedo?

Well, a lot has happened in this past week. First of all, we got another investigator with a baptismal date. The story is quite interesting and very spiritual. We have been working with this investigator since September. She believes all parts of the Gospel, has a testimony of the Church is true and everything. The thing was that when she went to church for the first time, she didn't have the best experience. Bueno, she had great time during the sacrament meeting and felt the spirit, but the next two hours were not so much the same. Through body language and the lack of members introducing themselves to her, she was offended. If any of you want to help the missionaries out, here is a greatly fantastic way: Talk to the investigators that are brought by the missionaries. Just introduce yourselves and welcome them, and kind of make sure they get to the places where they need to be. Anyway, since that, she has been kind of hesitant of progressing any further. But through lessons with her and getting more members to befriend her.. She still wouldn't accept baptism. Our last visit with her, I was with my new companion (Elder Hansgen).  We were really trying to find that root cause of what is keeping her back. He looks at me and I am like, I have no idea, but though divine inspiration of the Holy Ghost (no doubt) my thoughts were directed to a scripture in the Book of Mormon. It was Helaman 5:12. I talked about how Christ is our foundation and that no matter what Satan throws our way we will not fall and we will overcome it. But it all starts with faith in Jesus Christ. She started to get red eyed and a few tears, then I kind of went more in the importance of faith and how our purpose here on this earth is basically to follow the example of Jesus Christ. So as long as we have faith in Him, and our loving Heavenly Father, there shouldn't be anything that can stop us from doing what they say. Right then I challenged her to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized on a certain date. She said yes. After she accepted it she suddenly started crying uncontrollably for five minutes. We just sat there. But the spirit there was very strong.

It goes to show the spirit is a very powerful tool and knows exactly what to say. And that some people just need an extra amount of time. But in the end, God knows us all individually and knows how we can be blessed.

-Elder Keller

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