Sunday, November 30, 2014

11/26 - Baptisms and Keys Stuck on the Roof

¿Qué Honda?

My investigator Lily, that has had quite a few difficulties these past couple weeks, was baptized this last Saturday. This was a great triumph for her. Just a couple days before the baptism she lost both of her jobs. Luckily she stayed strong and continued forward with baptism. I performed the baptism. Everything went smoothly and well. Another investigator of missionaries in our district also was getting baptized, but the person that was going to baptize the investigator couldn't make it. So I ended up doing that as well. The entire time the spirit could be felt. I was super nervous, as I said a prayer in my heart,  I felt a boost of confidence and comfort. And you know what? Everything is fine, and there was no need to be nervous or worry about it.

Another funny story this week is during our weekly mission correlation meeting (meeting with all the missionaries in our ward) we ended up being locked out. Okay, we had keys to the church building and the gate. We entered through the gate,  Elder Ramirez threw the keys up to Elder Hansgen for him to unlock the Church Building. Unfortunately he threw it too high and it landed on the roof. So then we were locked out of the building, but also locked in on the property. So we had to scavenge around looking for anything that we could use to get up high. We tried lifting someone up to the roof, but the roof was too high. Eventually we found this cement filled tire with a pole in it.  I think it is used for volleyball to hold the net up or something. Anyway, we rolled that to the front and used that to get up there and grab the keys. It was all worth it in the end because Hermana Turner brought homemade cupcakes for all of us to eat.

Also this week has been an achievement for Elder Hansgen and me  as we worked hard with our less active members in our area to come to church. When Sunday rolled around quite a few of them showed up. The usual attendance for our ward is 100ish (and that's considered big here) and this last Sunday it was 125. It goes to show that hard work, praying, and exercising faith works and is essential in missionary work and all throughout life.  The Book of James chapter 2 talks about faith and works. It is a great chapter to read and I highly recommend it. 

-Elder Keller

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