Thursday, November 20, 2014

11/18 - First trip to San Pedro Sula

I have clocked in a lot of hours on buses this week.  To start off my companion, Elder Hansgen, had to renew his residency here in Honduras. So basically that means we travel 5 hours to San Pedro Sula, wait in line for another 2-3 hours and spend only 2 minutes for the actual renewal process and travel back to La Ceiba for another 5 hours. But one cool thing I got out of it...I went to San Pedro Sula for the first time. We also visited the mission office there. So when we took a taxi the guy tried to charge us  L170 each, when the usual rate is around L80. Luckily we were able to knock some sense into him and he realized we are not just some average gringos. But that happens to me a lot here especially now my companion and I are both gringos.

While we were there we actually met missionaries from "the other side" or otherwise called the San Pedro Sula Oeste mission. I got to admit, they are a little weird. I am glad I am in the mission that I am in.

For Preparation day on Monday we went to Trujillo. Some people actually say that Trujillo has better beaches than Roatan. But the place is gorgeous, definitely one of Honduras's highlights. We played soccer on the beach and had a blast. My companion unfortunately got sun burned and looks like a tomato. The sky was nice and clear and water super azul, agua azul (which is also a water company here aguazul). What was really cool is that we visited a fort. The oldest fort in the continental America. It was pretty small but a member that Elder Hansgen knew from before in the area got a killer deal on tickets to go in.

Overall, this week has been good. I didn't really like traveling to San Pedro too much because it sucked up a lot of all of our day.

Oh and by the way, Lily (our investigator) went to the hospital last week because she had appendicitis. Luckily enough they operated on her quickly enough and that everything is ok. We had to move her baptismal date to next week. She still has a string testimony and really wants to be baptized and was sad that she couldn't do it last week. We gave her a priesthood blessing and she is already walking around and doing her normal stuff. Her one month bed rest recovery  from what the doctor recommended went to two weeks. That was a great blessing for her.

Cuidense, vaya bien

-Elder Keller

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