Wednesday, January 28, 2015

1/26 - Baptism and Finding Answers in the Book of Mormon

Qué pepsi?

Well I got to start out with that we had another Baptism. His name is Didier and he is only 12 years old. But despite his age he has a strong desire to be baptized and to follow Christ's example. I had the wonderful opportunity to baptize him so that he could receive a remission of his sins and enter into a covenant with God.

This week as been a little discouraging with at least two days in a row where all of our confirmed appointments fell through. On the bright side, like I said we had a baptism. Which is really great and definitely worth all of the effort. Like they say in español " Vale la pena."

So as a result we have been doing a lot of contacting. I love how the Book of Mormon is true and you can find every answer you ever need in it. We were contacting and we came across a person who had a couple of interactions with Mormons several years back. We asked her what kept her from going to our Church more. She said in her own words "I have my own bible, I don't need any more bible". She was referring to the Book of Mormon. And instantly 2 Nephi 29 popped in my head. It was like word for word. We tried to explain to her, but she was set on not listening to us at all and that (even though she doesn't attend any church and probably doesn't read the Bible all that often) she wasn't going "change churches" or anything of the sort. I always find it so fascinating of how people can be so closed minded and don't want to learn the truth. I mean if people would take 5 or 10 minutes and listen to us, ok not to us but their hearts as we are teaching them. Listen to their hearts as they are praying or as they are reading the Book of Mormon they would feel something. 
Something familiar and good. The Holy Ghost
 testifying of the truthfulness of what you are doing. 
We have the truth, God gives us the truth. All we
 have to do is act and simply listen.

There is a new Mormon message out that is titled The Hope of God's Light. This video is really awesome and inspiring. My point that I want to make is that it took this guy about two years to finally see the light and come unto Christ. It goes to show that God has a plan for all of us and that we may not receive an answer to our prayers right away, but we will receive one. Not in our time, but in the time of the Lord (Isaiah 55: 8-9). And as missionary work for me in Honduras or just as important of the missionary work in your own life, we make a difference and help along the plan of God for His children. Just because they didn't get baptized the next day, doesn't mean you didn't make a difference.

Take care, cuidense

-Elder Keller

Monday, January 5, 2015

1/5 - Worth the Chase

Everything is fine this here in Honduras. The teaching here in Bendeck was a little slow at first, but now it seems to be picking up. We just had another lesson with an investigator. She has been dodging us and trying to make up excuses for different things for our appointments with her. But finally this last visit with her we taught her a lesson. Or rather we had a conversation with the spirit with her. It went incredibly well. She was interacting with us and answering our questions. At the end she started to cry a little bit after the prayer. That was a lesson that I really felt the spirit. It just goes to show it is worth all of the chasing and effort to finally make a solid appointment with someone. Because that someone is a child of God and is waiting for a message to change their heart and come closer to God. 
nos vemos,

-Elder Keller

Monday, December 29, 2014

12/29 - Don't Judge

Sorry I don’t have much time. This internet cafe is closing early than what was expected. This internet cafe is just a room with computers in it. Nothing too fancy.

As a missionary it is hard to not judge on the surface. There are times when we are contacting and are having the first lesson with someone and we feel they don’t want the gospel. But that is why we need to always have an open mind and an open heart to the spirit. Everyone is different and everyone is differently prepared or just needs to be taught just a little bit differently for the spirit to click inside of them.
I love you all, para siempre
-Elder Keller

My Planner

Monday, December 22, 2014

12/22 - Washing Clothes By Hand

Just a side in Honduras they celebrate Christmas on
the 24th not the 25th. 

The pictures that I uploaded were of me and my companion washing our
clothes by hand. Yes I know, I had to wash my clothes by hand. Well, I
got to say it’s not all that bad. IN my area I am now there isn’t a
member nearby that has a washing machine.

Also if you notice the subject line: Una Carta para voz. A little
known fact, or at least I didn’t know it until I came here to Honduras,
is that there is actually three forms of "you". Usted, tú, and voz.
Voz is used a lot more commonly in Honduras and is used only with
family and really close friends.  So that is pretty interesting and
also they pronounce it like "vo".

In the mission field areas are divided into missions, then zones, then
districts, then areas. And the ward that you attend is usually the
name of the area and the name of the stake is the name of the zone. So
I live in Bendeck 2 and my ward name is Bendeck and my Zone is El
Progreso Sur, and the name of the stake is El Progreso.

 con Love siempre,
-Elder Keller

P.S. Jesus Christ in Spanish is Jesucristo. it’s one word and is kind of
weird, buts that how they spell it here.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

12/10 - Changes

Changes. That’s all I got to say.
I received changes yesterday and that means I leave my area and go to another one somewhere in Honduras. 
Unfortunately due to the actions of others a rule has been changed about changes. The new rule is that we cannot know if we will receive changes until the night before at 9:00pm. So then I or any other missionaries cannot say goodbye or get last pictures with any of the ward members or investigators, nada. It is because plancheros (missionaries who don’t do missionary work) would then take that one day before cambios and not work or go and buy cellphones or other stuff. 
I left 4 in the morning and to cambios in La Lima. Anyway, I am in El Progresso! With my new companion, Elder Valqui de Peru!  So far it’s been good. The house that we are living in is better than I expected, I still need to meet and get to know the members in my ward and area and the missionaries. But I still miss La Ceiba, missionaries always say that leaving your first area is always the hardest, I now see why. 
With a renewed hope in my testimony of modern revelation, I cannot wait to see what the Lord has in store for me here in Bendeck, El Pregresso!
-Elder Keller

100% Catracho

My new companion

Monday, December 8, 2014


¿Qué Hay?

I feel like I am back in Washington. This past week there has been a lot of rain. A lot of rain. So much rain that it has caused major flooding in our area. The problem with our area is that it is literally between two rivers.

We were teaching an investigator for no more than 30 minutes and by the time we looked outside the water level was about mid-thigh high. Luckily, her house is about three feet elevated from the ground. So we helped our investigator put up all of her couches and things in her house. The water level kept rising and it eventually entered the house. She said in all of the seven years that she has lived there the water has never gotten in her house before. That tells you how bad this rain has been. We had to leave and the water was up to my chest as Elder Hansgen and I were walking in it. It was crazy; there was literally a river in the street. The bridge that we usually cross to get to Church and out of our area slid out of place and now is slanted. But everyone still walks on it like normal.

After we went around checking on members in our area, my companion and I looked at each other and were like "No hombre, our apartment!" So then we hurried to our place. We were fortunate. Only 2 inches of water was in our apartment. Right outside of our apartment the water was as deep as my mid-thigh. We also left all of our copies of the Book of Mormon on the ground along with all of our pamphlets. When we saw them, there was a ring of dry ground all around them. Blessings or what? My companion likes to say “a mini-miracle”.

The rest of the week we just went around helping members and other people with moving their beds and couches and drying our all of their houses. We weren't able to go out and teach lessons a whole lot. We spent or time just visiting and serving everyone. This is missionary work as well.

 Don't forget to count your blessings, even the small ones.

-Elder Keller

Sunday, November 30, 2014

11/26 - Baptisms and Keys Stuck on the Roof

¿Qué Honda?

My investigator Lily, that has had quite a few difficulties these past couple weeks, was baptized this last Saturday. This was a great triumph for her. Just a couple days before the baptism she lost both of her jobs. Luckily she stayed strong and continued forward with baptism. I performed the baptism. Everything went smoothly and well. Another investigator of missionaries in our district also was getting baptized, but the person that was going to baptize the investigator couldn't make it. So I ended up doing that as well. The entire time the spirit could be felt. I was super nervous, as I said a prayer in my heart,  I felt a boost of confidence and comfort. And you know what? Everything is fine, and there was no need to be nervous or worry about it.

Another funny story this week is during our weekly mission correlation meeting (meeting with all the missionaries in our ward) we ended up being locked out. Okay, we had keys to the church building and the gate. We entered through the gate,  Elder Ramirez threw the keys up to Elder Hansgen for him to unlock the Church Building. Unfortunately he threw it too high and it landed on the roof. So then we were locked out of the building, but also locked in on the property. So we had to scavenge around looking for anything that we could use to get up high. We tried lifting someone up to the roof, but the roof was too high. Eventually we found this cement filled tire with a pole in it.  I think it is used for volleyball to hold the net up or something. Anyway, we rolled that to the front and used that to get up there and grab the keys. It was all worth it in the end because Hermana Turner brought homemade cupcakes for all of us to eat.

Also this week has been an achievement for Elder Hansgen and me  as we worked hard with our less active members in our area to come to church. When Sunday rolled around quite a few of them showed up. The usual attendance for our ward is 100ish (and that's considered big here) and this last Sunday it was 125. It goes to show that hard work, praying, and exercising faith works and is essential in missionary work and all throughout life.  The Book of James chapter 2 talks about faith and works. It is a great chapter to read and I highly recommend it. 

-Elder Keller