Monday, December 29, 2014

12/29 - Don't Judge

Sorry I don’t have much time. This internet cafe is closing early than what was expected. This internet cafe is just a room with computers in it. Nothing too fancy.

As a missionary it is hard to not judge on the surface. There are times when we are contacting and are having the first lesson with someone and we feel they don’t want the gospel. But that is why we need to always have an open mind and an open heart to the spirit. Everyone is different and everyone is differently prepared or just needs to be taught just a little bit differently for the spirit to click inside of them.
I love you all, para siempre
-Elder Keller

My Planner

Monday, December 22, 2014

12/22 - Washing Clothes By Hand

Just a side in Honduras they celebrate Christmas on
the 24th not the 25th. 

The pictures that I uploaded were of me and my companion washing our
clothes by hand. Yes I know, I had to wash my clothes by hand. Well, I
got to say it’s not all that bad. IN my area I am now there isn’t a
member nearby that has a washing machine.

Also if you notice the subject line: Una Carta para voz. A little
known fact, or at least I didn’t know it until I came here to Honduras,
is that there is actually three forms of "you". Usted, tú, and voz.
Voz is used a lot more commonly in Honduras and is used only with
family and really close friends.  So that is pretty interesting and
also they pronounce it like "vo".

In the mission field areas are divided into missions, then zones, then
districts, then areas. And the ward that you attend is usually the
name of the area and the name of the stake is the name of the zone. So
I live in Bendeck 2 and my ward name is Bendeck and my Zone is El
Progreso Sur, and the name of the stake is El Progreso.

 con Love siempre,
-Elder Keller

P.S. Jesus Christ in Spanish is Jesucristo. it’s one word and is kind of
weird, buts that how they spell it here.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

12/10 - Changes

Changes. That’s all I got to say.
I received changes yesterday and that means I leave my area and go to another one somewhere in Honduras. 
Unfortunately due to the actions of others a rule has been changed about changes. The new rule is that we cannot know if we will receive changes until the night before at 9:00pm. So then I or any other missionaries cannot say goodbye or get last pictures with any of the ward members or investigators, nada. It is because plancheros (missionaries who don’t do missionary work) would then take that one day before cambios and not work or go and buy cellphones or other stuff. 
I left 4 in the morning and to cambios in La Lima. Anyway, I am in El Progresso! With my new companion, Elder Valqui de Peru!  So far it’s been good. The house that we are living in is better than I expected, I still need to meet and get to know the members in my ward and area and the missionaries. But I still miss La Ceiba, missionaries always say that leaving your first area is always the hardest, I now see why. 
With a renewed hope in my testimony of modern revelation, I cannot wait to see what the Lord has in store for me here in Bendeck, El Pregresso!
-Elder Keller

100% Catracho

My new companion

Sunday, November 30, 2014

11/26 - Baptisms and Keys Stuck on the Roof

¿Qué Honda?

My investigator Lily, that has had quite a few difficulties these past couple weeks, was baptized this last Saturday. This was a great triumph for her. Just a couple days before the baptism she lost both of her jobs. Luckily she stayed strong and continued forward with baptism. I performed the baptism. Everything went smoothly and well. Another investigator of missionaries in our district also was getting baptized, but the person that was going to baptize the investigator couldn't make it. So I ended up doing that as well. The entire time the spirit could be felt. I was super nervous, as I said a prayer in my heart,  I felt a boost of confidence and comfort. And you know what? Everything is fine, and there was no need to be nervous or worry about it.

Another funny story this week is during our weekly mission correlation meeting (meeting with all the missionaries in our ward) we ended up being locked out. Okay, we had keys to the church building and the gate. We entered through the gate,  Elder Ramirez threw the keys up to Elder Hansgen for him to unlock the Church Building. Unfortunately he threw it too high and it landed on the roof. So then we were locked out of the building, but also locked in on the property. So we had to scavenge around looking for anything that we could use to get up high. We tried lifting someone up to the roof, but the roof was too high. Eventually we found this cement filled tire with a pole in it.  I think it is used for volleyball to hold the net up or something. Anyway, we rolled that to the front and used that to get up there and grab the keys. It was all worth it in the end because Hermana Turner brought homemade cupcakes for all of us to eat.

Also this week has been an achievement for Elder Hansgen and me  as we worked hard with our less active members in our area to come to church. When Sunday rolled around quite a few of them showed up. The usual attendance for our ward is 100ish (and that's considered big here) and this last Sunday it was 125. It goes to show that hard work, praying, and exercising faith works and is essential in missionary work and all throughout life.  The Book of James chapter 2 talks about faith and works. It is a great chapter to read and I highly recommend it. 

-Elder Keller

Thursday, November 20, 2014

11/18 - First trip to San Pedro Sula

I have clocked in a lot of hours on buses this week.  To start off my companion, Elder Hansgen, had to renew his residency here in Honduras. So basically that means we travel 5 hours to San Pedro Sula, wait in line for another 2-3 hours and spend only 2 minutes for the actual renewal process and travel back to La Ceiba for another 5 hours. But one cool thing I got out of it...I went to San Pedro Sula for the first time. We also visited the mission office there. So when we took a taxi the guy tried to charge us  L170 each, when the usual rate is around L80. Luckily we were able to knock some sense into him and he realized we are not just some average gringos. But that happens to me a lot here especially now my companion and I are both gringos.

While we were there we actually met missionaries from "the other side" or otherwise called the San Pedro Sula Oeste mission. I got to admit, they are a little weird. I am glad I am in the mission that I am in.

For Preparation day on Monday we went to Trujillo. Some people actually say that Trujillo has better beaches than Roatan. But the place is gorgeous, definitely one of Honduras's highlights. We played soccer on the beach and had a blast. My companion unfortunately got sun burned and looks like a tomato. The sky was nice and clear and water super azul, agua azul (which is also a water company here aguazul). What was really cool is that we visited a fort. The oldest fort in the continental America. It was pretty small but a member that Elder Hansgen knew from before in the area got a killer deal on tickets to go in.

Overall, this week has been good. I didn't really like traveling to San Pedro too much because it sucked up a lot of all of our day.

Oh and by the way, Lily (our investigator) went to the hospital last week because she had appendicitis. Luckily enough they operated on her quickly enough and that everything is ok. We had to move her baptismal date to next week. She still has a string testimony and really wants to be baptized and was sad that she couldn't do it last week. We gave her a priesthood blessing and she is already walking around and doing her normal stuff. Her one month bed rest recovery  from what the doctor recommended went to two weeks. That was a great blessing for her.

Cuidense, vaya bien

-Elder Keller

11/10 - Christ is our foundation

¿Qué pedo?

Well, a lot has happened in this past week. First of all, we got another investigator with a baptismal date. The story is quite interesting and very spiritual. We have been working with this investigator since September. She believes all parts of the Gospel, has a testimony of the Church is true and everything. The thing was that when she went to church for the first time, she didn't have the best experience. Bueno, she had great time during the sacrament meeting and felt the spirit, but the next two hours were not so much the same. Through body language and the lack of members introducing themselves to her, she was offended. If any of you want to help the missionaries out, here is a greatly fantastic way: Talk to the investigators that are brought by the missionaries. Just introduce yourselves and welcome them, and kind of make sure they get to the places where they need to be. Anyway, since that, she has been kind of hesitant of progressing any further. But through lessons with her and getting more members to befriend her.. She still wouldn't accept baptism. Our last visit with her, I was with my new companion (Elder Hansgen).  We were really trying to find that root cause of what is keeping her back. He looks at me and I am like, I have no idea, but though divine inspiration of the Holy Ghost (no doubt) my thoughts were directed to a scripture in the Book of Mormon. It was Helaman 5:12. I talked about how Christ is our foundation and that no matter what Satan throws our way we will not fall and we will overcome it. But it all starts with faith in Jesus Christ. She started to get red eyed and a few tears, then I kind of went more in the importance of faith and how our purpose here on this earth is basically to follow the example of Jesus Christ. So as long as we have faith in Him, and our loving Heavenly Father, there shouldn't be anything that can stop us from doing what they say. Right then I challenged her to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized on a certain date. She said yes. After she accepted it she suddenly started crying uncontrollably for five minutes. We just sat there. But the spirit there was very strong.

It goes to show the spirit is a very powerful tool and knows exactly what to say. And that some people just need an extra amount of time. But in the end, God knows us all individually and knows how we can be blessed.

-Elder Keller

11/3 - You never know who the Spirit will touch

This week has been a crazy one. Well I got my new companion last Wednesday, Elder Hansgen. It is pronounced (Henchin). He is from Utah and as you can guess, he is a gringo. Elder Hansgen has a 16 months under his belts already and has a ton of energy.

Thursday we had a fundraiser for some investigators of ours to get married. To complete the entire process of her marriage in Honduras is around L1,500. This is about $75, which is a lot here. We sold Hamburgers and did very well. Right now they are on track to getting married and then after that they can get baptized. We are all very excited for them.

The thing about preaching or just talking about the Gospel of Jesus Christ is that you never know who you are going to touch. We were focusing in on one investigator and her roommate decided to sit in (or rather didn't leave). After our lesson we didn't think too much about her. But it goes to show that the Spirit touches all. Because when we went back to visit with the investigator, she wasn't there, but her roommate was. She invited us right in and straight up asked us questions about the Book of Mormon and the Church. She is really interested and energetic about learning more, she has been going to church these past two times. We need to be always in tune with the Holy Ghost and realize the power and sacredness of the message that we share of Jesus Christ.

-Elder Keller

So a bike ran over my foot...Just kidding this is just lint from my socks!