Wednesday, July 30, 2014

7/16/2014 Guatemala CCM - Arrival & El baño

7/16/2014 Guatemala CCM

The CCM, or the MTC, is fantastisco!
I arrived here around 6 am and right away went to work. Well before we actually started working they allowed us to take a quick 2 hour nap. Now let me tell you, that nap was one of the best naps that I have ever taken.

Right afterwards they dropped us in the deep end... of the ocean. It is ridiculous, but also great. We have back to back classes with personal study, language study, grammar study, and more. All of the new elders that came with me all thought it sucked a lot and that they were over worked by the end of the day. But to be honest I thought it was great and I loved it. And you probably guessed right, those elders were straight from high school and only 18. Fortunately for them they got over it and now they like it, they are mucho happy. I can definitely see the advantages of going to college for a year first, Soy muy agradicido.

All of the food here is basically handmade here at the CCM by an amazing staff of cooks. We get three meals a day with a lot of fresh fruit. Unfortunately i did not keep in moderation of the fruit y fruit juice intake. And I developed a bad case of the runs for about 3 days. I am over it now but my companions, yes companions i will get to that later, didn’t like it so much because I had to go to el baño several several times a day. But they were really cool with it.

My preparation days will switch from Tuesday to Wednesdays, they switch back and forth.

No missionaries were with me on the flight to LAX but once I got there, there was like 20 plus missionaries.

I do several hours of spanish about 6. The weather is awesome here. It’s great playing volleyball in. The latinos missionaries here really like it. They are awesome and loving. I may not be able to communicate with them well yet but I can feel their love and great spirit to serve her as well. The spirit here is fantastic, it can be felt everywhere as we all are here for one purpose.

Invitar a las personas a vivir a Cristo ayurdarlas que a reciben Evangelio Restoraudo mediante el fe en JesuCristo y Su Epiacion, el arrepentimiento, el bautismo, el repicion del don del Esprirtu Santo y a perservar hasta el fin.

-- Elder Keller

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