Monday, November 3, 2014

10/20 - My first Baptism

Another week gone by and nothing really interesting happened. ¡Mentira! I just had my first baptism! We have been teaching this family for a while and Hermana Delarca is just the best and the sweetest. Every time we pop over for a visit, at the end she always feeds us. One time she made chicken fried rice, it tasted very similar to my mom´s cooking. So that tells you right there how well her cooking is. The spirit with her is great and when she says a prayer, it is really powerful.

A couple days before her baptism I came down with a bug or something. I had a fever, nasty headache, and I had to use the bathroom many, many times. No me gusta. I didn't eat for a day or two. The day before her baptism I received a priesthood blessing. And let me tell you, those work. The priesthood works and this church has the authority of it. My fever broke and I started to eat again. I was well enough to go out and preach and perform the baptism of Hermana Delarca. That truly was a blessing; I was worried that I wasn't going to be able to do it.

Alright so, the Delarcas are an interesting bunch. The brother of who I baptized is very much so against the Church. So much that he invited pastors over to "talk" to the grandson Olga. We are trying to get her grandson and his novia married and baptized. But now it has been a heck a lot harder.  The brother of Olga seemed like a sweet old guy, now he doesn't seem so.

The two biggest religions down here are Catholics and evangelists.
Overall, faith is most important and key to have. Because through faith in Jesus Christ and our Loving Father in Heaven we can achieve anything that God wants us to do. But faith consists of two parts [belief, not having a perfect knowledge (Alma 32:24)] and [action (James 1: 22& 2:17-18)]. And as we exercise our faith it will grow and blessing will come, always (Ether 12:6).

-Elder Keller

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