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8/12/2014 Guatemala CCM - City Tour

So another week down at the CCM. One more week until I am out of here and into the the actual field of Honduras! My district and I cannot wait until then.

So last week we went on a tour of the city of Guatemala. Its was really fun and a much different place than the US. One thing about Guatemala is that it is really green here, with a ton of trees. With all of the trees it reminds me of Washington but instead of Douglas fir trees they are all deciduous trees.

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The Market
We first went to this huge plaza where all of the older government buildings are, then proceeded to the market place. This market is an underground kind of market. But it is obviously more for tourists by the stuff they were selling. There were a whole bunch of jerseys and flutes and leather made stuff.

When you went deeper in to the belly of the beast you ran into the fruit market. This is where all of the locals were, and it smelled really good.

As we were walking we ran into a wall of stinky stench of meat. We look down the row and all we see is raw meat hanging all over the place with flies everywhere. Plus it was like 70 degrees out. Yeah, not the best sight.

Shortly after we made our way out of the marketplace and we took the bus to another location. This place contains a 3D map of all of Guatemala. The map is 99% accurate, it's a topography map with signs of where the cities are located. That was definitively a sight to see. Apparently when it rains, the trenches that they've made for the locations of river and streams fill up to exactly how they are now.

About the time we got done with that it was around 2:30 and we left for Wendy's for a late lunch. I didn't get a whole bunch, I just got a ten piece chicken nuggets, a large fries, large orange soda, and a medium chocolate frosty. And yes, I ate it all. Boy, did that taste good!!

I ended my day with relaxing in a chair in a nice cool breeze reading my scriptures.

Well besides that awesome trip, my week has been basically the same. With classes after classes.

One good thing is that both of my mock investigators both accepted the baptismal challenge. That was really awesome.

My Spanish is coming along, but we will see how much Spanish I actually know when I get out into Honduras. So by the time you guys receive another email I will be in Honduras. My six weeks here have flown and I can't believe that I have been here for over month. All the time that I have been here, my knowledge of the gospel as grown tenfold. I am very grateful to be out here and everyday my testimony grows of missionary work and the importance of Christ in my life.

I will definitely have a whole bunch more to talk about so expect a longer letter next week.

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 The city traffic, usually there is more traffic
-Elder Keller
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To scale map of Guatemala - totally out of cement since the 1900´s
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3d map of Guatemala
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Plaza and government palace in Guatemala
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Building in Guatemala. This woman does not seem happy.

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