Friday, August 22, 2014

8/4/2014 Guatemala CCM - Fasting & Blessings


Hola todas personas!!

I am writing a day early this week because tomorrow (my official preparation day) we are going to take a tour of Guatemala city. The best part we get to eat lunch at Wendy's!

The weather here is fantastic! This place is truly the land of eternal spring, just yesterday it was like in the 70's and with a nice breeze. That is great for sitting outside and reading weather.

So this week was another interesting week at the CCM. For starters my district has handed out 4 more copies of the Book of Mormon to people that are just on the street. A lot of the time when we talk to the Guatemalans they thank us for doing what we are doing and helping make Guatemala a better place.

So during sports time they banned soccer because there was a significantly high amount of injures from it. So there has been a lot of people playing foursquare, but instead of using your hands they use their feet. That has been...interesting to play.

And just yesterday was my first fast Sunday here. That was the first time ever that I fasted for whole 24 hours. Fasting (going without something that we cherish deeply or need, like food and water) is a huge blessing and my testimony grows even more every time I do so. I show God that I am willing to sacrifice for Him, and in return He blesses us. Usually fasting can be difficult for me since the longest I have gone without fasting was like 15 hours before. But this time I found strength and I wasn't hungry nor thirsty. This time I didn't really fast for myself but for others and I would think of that as I studied my scriptures and have faith that those people would be blessed. Dinner that day has never tasted so good before! They gave us a lot of food and even ice cream and it was delicious!

Since we are talking about food... the food that is usually consumed here at this CCM is food that basically has tortillas, rice, meat, and guacamole. Those are the basic ingredients and the cooks here are amazing so when they cook food it is always some different dish. Sometimes they make homemade pizza or have pasta or lasagna. And if I have not mentioned before, if i did then i am doing it again, we get ice cream every lunch.

When we are not eating we are working, working our butts off. I love learning more about the Lord's Gospel and preparing to teach it!

-Elder Keller

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