Monday, November 3, 2014

10/29 - New Companion in the Hospital

This week has been the start of the dreadful fall-winter season of Honduras. It is actually not that bad, quite refreshing. Usually it is a blistering 90 degrees with 100% humidity but recently it’s been more in the low 80s and this morning was 79. As you can probably guess it rained a ton. All morning and all throughout the day. The bad thing about that is that all of that water has to go someplace. And since we are basically 10 ft. about sea level, there tends to be flooding. As we are going to our appointments we would just see people in knee deep water trying to get it out of their houses.

An investigator of ours (Lily) has been taking our discussions really great and keeping all of our commitments with her. Unfortunately recently she no longer has a job. And she was already living pay check to pay check, so finding dinner to eat and amongst other things has been a challenge for her. She told us that one night that she did have dinner, nothing to eat. But out of the blue one of her friends called her up and invited her to come over for some dinner. She said that she hadn't talked to this friend in forever and was strange that she called her. And then the next day she was late to coming to church (and it is like a twenty minute walk) and as she was walking there a taxi rolled up next to her and said to hop in and that its free. Luckily enough the guy was genuine and was not trying to kidnap her. But also a remarkable thing is that a taxi never ever offers a ride for free. So for that to happen, was a great blessing. She does recognize that these are blessings of God of keeping His commandments and doing her best to follow the example of Jesus Christ. This is a reassurance for me that God loves us and blesses us always. So when hardships arise and the going gets tough, we need to stay true always and remain faithful.

This Wednesday was changes and my companion is officially dead (that is when a missionary is done with his 2 years). But Tuesday and Wednesday, all day I had to stay in the hospital. Another missionary in my district, Elder Wilson, has dengue. In a hospital in a third world country isn't as bad as it sounds. Fortunately we stayed in one of the nicer hospitals. It’s smaller than the rest, but its staff is super nice and caring. Usually they are impatient and just want to get it over with. They fed me as well as Elder Wilson, there was a couch for me, and best of all there was air conditioning! Don't worry Elder Wilson is doing great now.

Well, Cheque pues
-Elder Keller

Fried Chicken Foot - YUM!
Bridge Rain Level 5

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