Thursday, November 20, 2014

11/3 - You never know who the Spirit will touch

This week has been a crazy one. Well I got my new companion last Wednesday, Elder Hansgen. It is pronounced (Henchin). He is from Utah and as you can guess, he is a gringo. Elder Hansgen has a 16 months under his belts already and has a ton of energy.

Thursday we had a fundraiser for some investigators of ours to get married. To complete the entire process of her marriage in Honduras is around L1,500. This is about $75, which is a lot here. We sold Hamburgers and did very well. Right now they are on track to getting married and then after that they can get baptized. We are all very excited for them.

The thing about preaching or just talking about the Gospel of Jesus Christ is that you never know who you are going to touch. We were focusing in on one investigator and her roommate decided to sit in (or rather didn't leave). After our lesson we didn't think too much about her. But it goes to show that the Spirit touches all. Because when we went back to visit with the investigator, she wasn't there, but her roommate was. She invited us right in and straight up asked us questions about the Book of Mormon and the Church. She is really interested and energetic about learning more, she has been going to church these past two times. We need to be always in tune with the Holy Ghost and realize the power and sacredness of the message that we share of Jesus Christ.

-Elder Keller

So a bike ran over my foot...Just kidding this is just lint from my socks!

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