Wednesday, January 28, 2015

1/26 - Baptism and Finding Answers in the Book of Mormon

Qué pepsi?

Well I got to start out with that we had another Baptism. His name is Didier and he is only 12 years old. But despite his age he has a strong desire to be baptized and to follow Christ's example. I had the wonderful opportunity to baptize him so that he could receive a remission of his sins and enter into a covenant with God.

This week as been a little discouraging with at least two days in a row where all of our confirmed appointments fell through. On the bright side, like I said we had a baptism. Which is really great and definitely worth all of the effort. Like they say in español " Vale la pena."

So as a result we have been doing a lot of contacting. I love how the Book of Mormon is true and you can find every answer you ever need in it. We were contacting and we came across a person who had a couple of interactions with Mormons several years back. We asked her what kept her from going to our Church more. She said in her own words "I have my own bible, I don't need any more bible". She was referring to the Book of Mormon. And instantly 2 Nephi 29 popped in my head. It was like word for word. We tried to explain to her, but she was set on not listening to us at all and that (even though she doesn't attend any church and probably doesn't read the Bible all that often) she wasn't going "change churches" or anything of the sort. I always find it so fascinating of how people can be so closed minded and don't want to learn the truth. I mean if people would take 5 or 10 minutes and listen to us, ok not to us but their hearts as we are teaching them. Listen to their hearts as they are praying or as they are reading the Book of Mormon they would feel something. 
Something familiar and good. The Holy Ghost
 testifying of the truthfulness of what you are doing. 
We have the truth, God gives us the truth. All we
 have to do is act and simply listen.

There is a new Mormon message out that is titled The Hope of God's Light. This video is really awesome and inspiring. My point that I want to make is that it took this guy about two years to finally see the light and come unto Christ. It goes to show that God has a plan for all of us and that we may not receive an answer to our prayers right away, but we will receive one. Not in our time, but in the time of the Lord (Isaiah 55: 8-9). And as missionary work for me in Honduras or just as important of the missionary work in your own life, we make a difference and help along the plan of God for His children. Just because they didn't get baptized the next day, doesn't mean you didn't make a difference.

Take care, cuidense

-Elder Keller

Monday, January 5, 2015

1/5 - Worth the Chase

Everything is fine this here in Honduras. The teaching here in Bendeck was a little slow at first, but now it seems to be picking up. We just had another lesson with an investigator. She has been dodging us and trying to make up excuses for different things for our appointments with her. But finally this last visit with her we taught her a lesson. Or rather we had a conversation with the spirit with her. It went incredibly well. She was interacting with us and answering our questions. At the end she started to cry a little bit after the prayer. That was a lesson that I really felt the spirit. It just goes to show it is worth all of the chasing and effort to finally make a solid appointment with someone. Because that someone is a child of God and is waiting for a message to change their heart and come closer to God. 
nos vemos,

-Elder Keller