Wednesday, October 1, 2014

9/22/14 - Gathering the Sheep and Bee Stings!

Attention: as of today my streak of never being stung by a bee has ended.

Not this past Sunday, but two Sundays ago, Elder ITza and I did not bring any investigators to Church. It was really depressing and to add on top of it we were late to Sacrament service. It was a little miserable. Every new investigator that we contacted either had some excuse or did not answer. 

So this last Sunday, we started out the day with what I like to call "Gathering the sheep". We go all around and get as many investigators as we can. The same thing we did last week. The day started the same, door after door no one was coming with us. But this time I told myself that I needed to have more faith in the Lord. He knows His children perfectly and He helps prepare them. We need to trust His judgment and planning. The second to last house on our list we went to, she said that she would come! But now it was like 10 minutes until church started. So Elder Itza and I hurry off to our last investigator. We get there and guess what, she is all ready, walks out the door and comes with us. By the time we get to the church building it was already 10 minutes past 9. I am thinking to myself, great now we missed sacrament again...but I reminded myself that to have faith and not to worry.  Sure enough they just are in the middle of the sacrament hymn. So we made it and we had an investigator. And the icing on the cake is that another investigator of ours showed up out of the blue. We were really happy that day.

It goes to show that faith is important and that the Lord will not leave you hanging. As long as we always try our best and trust in Him, then He will pick up the rest and everything, everything, will work out in the end. It’s all according to His time, not ours.

Today for preparation day we went to Pico Bonito. Apparently it is a tourist attraction around here. Basically you literally hike up for about an hour and a half and you arrive at this waterfall. Unfortunately I was not able to see the waterfall...well that´s not true, I didn't get to go to the waterfall. You can see the water fall from a long distance away. Anyway, right at the end of the trail is this bend and we all stopped for a bit for a break and let the rest of the group catch up. So we are waiting and all of a sudden Hermana Bennet and Hermana Sherman start to scream and one by one everyone in the group starts screaming and hit everything. Apparently we stopped right next to a nest of hornets on steroids. And the group got split into two as we went two different directions. Our group went back because one of the other sisters with us is allergic to bees. But Hermana Sherman got stung 8 times and I am not sure about Hermana Bennet, but I got stung once in my leg. I guess that first-aid merit badge finally came in handy with bee stings. 

Here are some pictures from the hike:

That’s about all.
Elder Keller

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