Wednesday, October 1, 2014

9/15/14 - Life is Like ...Butterflies and Cocoons

I have been here officially one month! I have had wonderful experiences and other where I would probably not choose to experience again.

Surprisingly it has been pretty dry this week. That is nice because when it rains the bottom of my pants get covered in mud. But at the same time I enjoy it when it rains because it is a lot cooler and our shower will have water. Today my companion went to take a shower and a couple drips came out. SO we had to go to the District Leaders house and take a shower. While we were there we played Risk the board game. That was really fun. And yes I totally kicked everyone’s butts, and I did not throw the board over in slight frustration. No, I seriously didn't.

                                 Usually this river is crystal clear but it is brown after it is rains

 We ran into our first "bible bash" yesterday. It was really weird because she was standing on her balcony on the second floor and we on the street with a ton of cars and buses going by. We could barely hear her and she was also a Jehovah Witness. So basically all we could do was bear our testimony and go on our way.

We are contacting a lot of families that seem really interested, so that has been really awesome to experience. I can just imagine them dressed in all in white and taking upon them the name of Christ and be forever blessed. That is why I am here. To bring all other unto Christ so that they can be saved, receive eternal happiness, and live with God and their families after this life.

Elder Itza is a horse. Elder Itza said to say that, I don’t know why, but he can be really weird sometimes. Alright, a lot of the time.

It is really sad when we are teaching people and we feel the spirit and we know they feel the spirit. But they choose for some reason not to continue lessons with us. But everyone has agency, everyone has the right to choose.

I was reading in the Liahona the other day and I can’t remember which apostle said it, but he talked about how the action of a butterfly breaking out of its cocoon is necessary. Because without the action and experience then the butterfly could not fly and survive in the world. I thought that was a really good point and how we all need opposition in life. Because through those experiences we can grow, and be better people. Through the atonement of Jesus Christ we can stand back up when we have fallen and continue on the path.
Always Choose the Right!

-Elder Keller

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